Welcome at Lake Malawi Anglican University

 We believe in the philosophy of “ubuthu,” that is, a community life. We recognize that ‘I am because we are, and we are because I am.’

Our everyday life starts with enhancing our relationship with the Lord through morning prayers and devotions. It is expected that every residential student attends prayers; failing to do so is a disciplinary issue.LAMAU takes education holistically recognizing that not only academic area needs development but spiritual life also.

2017 Academic year is in progress....

Moto and Vision

The University’s motto is, “education for positive change.”  Its vision is to be one of the leading institutions of higher education, nationally

Mission Statement

Lamau’s mission is to deliver to qualifying students high quality education in theology, nursing and midwifery, commerce, education and other programs through teaching research and outreach,

Unirvesity Values

The University firmly holds that the Word of God defines our authority, promotion of fellowship and harmony is paramount to amicable living, professionalism in undertaking tasks is not an option but a must

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